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Brushless outrunner running hot

So I had my first real go of my new boat, below:
Things were going well until after about 5-6 minutes, when the motor turned off and then back on. Brought it back in slowly, didn’t think much of it (didn’t remove the cover to check anything) and sent it back out slowly. Then it happened a few more times in quick succession. The motor completely cut out and didn’t seem to “reset” without taking my finger off the throttle and re-applying it. I brought it back in once again and checked temps. I couldn’t touch the outrunner casing for more than about 1-2 seconds it was so hot. The battery was warm and the ESC was cool/barely warm (cooler than the battery). There was no burning smell, just that typical smell of something electrical that’s been running warm.
As it was my first run with this boat, I took it easy for 2-3 mins and then ran it WOT for 2-3 minutes.
The water cooling port was indeed ejecting water. The tubing goes from the pickup to the ESC, then to the motor, then out. The battery was at full charge and balanced when I started. The boat is stock out of the box.
Any ideas?
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Modified Joysway Sea Fire, my favourite RC Boat video. Please join me at /r/rcboats

Modified Joysway Sea Fire, my favourite RC Boat video. Please join me at /rcboats submitted by Noofnoof to radiocontrol [link] [comments]

Exercising Leroy the dog with my Joysway Bullet

My neighbour at the marina had to take his wife's dog for a walk. He hates doing it, so we decided to make him chase the Joysway Bullet for a while.
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Yesterday I ordered a Joysway Sea Fire, can't wait for it to arrive!

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ДАЛЬНИЙ ЗАПЛЫВ | РАДИОУПРАВЛЯЕМЫЙ КАТЕР JOYSWAY MAGIC VEE MK2 submitted by 1RC_TV to rcboats [link] [comments]

I'm making this subreddit a thing. I will be posting weekly. 1st video is the Joysway Sea Fire

I'm making this subreddit a thing. I will be posting weekly. 1st video is the Joysway Sea Fire submitted by Noofnoof to rcboats [link] [comments]

Best first boat?

Best boat to start on? Ive sailed in real life a tiny bit but i've never sailed an rc boat. What is a good kit or model for a first timer? Thanks
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Hitting a dead-head with my Joysway Bullet

The creek next to my parking lot at work floods a couple times each year due to heavy rain. Some people have lost their cars if they don't move fast enough. This is a relatively minor flood, but still big enough to get the Bullet on plane. Only got a couple laps in before a dead-head tree branch destroyed my prop and yanked out my driveshaft.
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First boat question

For the summer holiday coming up i would like to get an rc boat( yes lockdown is basically over wher i live).
I was thinking about buying used, but where i live(netherlands) there is almost nothing used.
I think about buying new, but have a vouple of question about what to pick.
I definitely want to get a brushless boat (since they don’t wear as much) and want to buy from my local hobby shop. They have a couple of options that i am considering, but i like to get some feedback.
First option i am considering is volantex vector sr65. It is sub 200 euros and comes with an 3s lipo and charger. My only issue with this boat is that i am struggling to find part sources for this boat. I can ask the hobby shop about this (which is why i want to buy from my local shop)
Second option is the amewi bullet v2. I really like this one, but it is 250 without battery and charger, which will be like 100- 150 earos extra.
Third option is maybe going traxxas. I know from rc cars that traxxas is high quality, but for those i have to be willing to spent more then €500, which i don’t know if want to spent since it would be my first boat, and that is alot to spent.
Edit: i have been looking and have another option, the joysway rocket v3. It is 225€ and comes wirh an 3s lipo and charger. I have yet to find parts available, but i will contact my hobby store (that will soon reopen), but so far this seems like a good first boat
Edit 2:
Okay okay, i know i am jumping around but the traxxas blast also starts to look like a good option. It is brushed and not the quickest thing ever, but maybe that is good. If i buy it i know it will be high quality, and if i like it i can always upgrade to brushless. The boat already comes with an nimh battery and charger, but i can also swap to lipo. It seems like an good upgrading platform, anyone have experience with this boat?
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Looking for RC plane capable of carrying an action camera

So last summer, I got the idea of mounting my GoPro on my plane, and I took some videos. Sadly the plane had hit the ground a few times and there was some vibrations coming from the motor, but I had so much fun doing it. I was flying a Joysway Super Cub trainer plane, and I might have gotten a bit carried away as I was flying 700m up in the air. As many of you might expect, the plane lost connection with the transmitter, and flew itself out towards the sea...
Which brings me to my question.. Are there any specific type of plane, or a specific model you would recommend for this? I'm not looking to spend too much money, but and upgrade from the trainer plane would be nice. I don't have much experience with this, but I would like to get into it more. Maybe something with a big wingspan would prove useful? The more stable it is, the better.
Here's a video my friend made from the footage I got before I lost the plane if anyone's interested:
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Motor Questions: 3050's

Did too much searching, and discovered motor links come and go rather quickly. So I need help finding the 3050 motors. I originally going to do Black Pigs, but the $15 international shipping fee was more than I was willing to pay.
I found these seemingly trustworthy 3050 motors, are they the ones I'm looking for?
I also found a less trustworthy FK-180 type motor. How much worse are these than the ones above?
I'm planning on using these for a 9.6V and a 7.2V setup. If Hellcats are sufficient for 9.6V rather than the 11.1V in the Motor Database, I might also look into those.
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Destroyed my plane, Giving up? (Video)

After recently getting into the hobby, i had a rough start with a plane i purchased for $180 at a local hobby store. Its a JoySway Performer 1100 glider. A friend from work volunteered to fix it up and get it working, and from there i had several good flights.
Unfortunately, in the planes latest flight late yesterday, i lost radio control towards the start sending me over houses. From there i must have panicked. I recovered and proceeded to fly before doing some loops successfully. A short while later, the plane nosedived and i had no response from the elevator. The plane was smashed Horribly as you can see here: Image1 and Image2 You can also see the on board video here: crash video
I was looking at purchasing a DX6I prior to this, but not i am unsure. It gets expensive and im afraid it will just happen again and the money would be wasted.
Edit: Here is a repair image Image1 Thanks for all the help everyone, i will let you know how it goes when i test it again!
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Any ideas about this motor? They are listed as FK-180PH
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